Beyond Green

On these pages we intend to explore and share what we’ve learned about sustainable design. Through our experience we’re coming to understand that being Green is more than purchasing a product. It’s a deeper understanding that may effect one’s entire lifestyle.

Why Beyond Green?

Because, we’ve come to understand that sustainability is not our goal in our design work or personal lives. Sustainability implies a system is sustained as-is.

Abundance should be our goal. Life’s abundance for all things.

As we witness synergy developing in nature between living systems that create the abundance we seek, we pledge to learn from nature and apply the lessons learned to our work.

At this time we’re fortunate to have an abundance of science and experience to develop home and garden connections only dreamed of earlier.  A time and place where one can produce and/or capture the water and energy required to thrive.  A time and place where one can experience the daily activities of family, friends, neighbors with full knowledge that what we do today, will be enjoyed beyond our brief moment here in this place, for ages to come.

We’ll break our blog into 3 sections: Home, Garden, and Health.  Each area will be exploring and sharing what we’ve discovered in our projects with our clients and also from our readings of other like minded folks.

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