Garden Design First Post ~benefits of shadow

In this section our intent is to share what we’re learning about in harmonizing our buildings more with nature. To start we’ll share some pics of our home garden and a basic strategy applied.

You’ll notice we keep a shaggy environment around the house. We do so to create habitat and food/nectar for the pollinators we share space with, to enhance privacy, and to counter heat gain. We prefer the chaos of nature and tend to allow borders to dissolve, like nature. We try to identify and group plants that work well together in their particular micro-clmate, attempting to mimic nature by creating a healthy interactive synergy.

Due to potential direct and reflected heat gain from the summer sun we allow our trees to provide broad shadows and we’ve trained Jasmine to entirely cover the brick veneer that faces the street.  Doing so provides an opportunity for shade to cool the concrete driveway and prevents heat build up on the brick veneer, thereby reducing reflected and conducted heat build up inside the house.

This is a tactic of energy free, passive cooling, shelter enhancement.

More on EMF’s, RF, Radiation, WiFi, etc. and our health

Recently, we heard another interview about the effects of EMF and Radiation on KPFA.  The audio will be available for the next 2 weeks.  Thank you Your Own Health And Fitness for bringing this to our attention!

Program description: “Forty year electromagnetic field researcher Martin Blank PhD, discusses his book Overpowered, which outlines what science tells us about the health effects of wireless and offers guidelines for prudence while using devices.”

Interview available free for a limited time:

Another interview on EMF in buildings from show 4/14/15 available for a limited time:


“Martin Blank deals with a difficult subject in a scientifically accurate but easily readable fashion. He covers everything from powerlines, to cell phones, to light bulbs, to conflicts of interest, with humor and passion. In this great scientist, we have an unlikely activist and truth teller.”—David O. Carpenter, M.D., Director, Institute for Health and the Environment, University at Albany

Potential related illnesses:

  • Cellular stress, DNA damage, free radicals, gene damage, leading to 
  • Cancer risk increase
  • Increased male infertility
  • Reproductive health risk via prenatal exposure
  • Increased cases of ADHD
  • In children: Increase in headaches /migraines, hearing loss, ADHD

Cell phone radiation is currently a hot topic and this interview emphasizes the impact of the entire EMF range, including light bulbs and their effect on the wiring in our homes.  In his book “Overpowered” he provides a remedy for our homes and beyond.

While both Laurie and I have purchased the Pong case (referenced earlier) for our cell phones, I sent an email to Safe Space Protection to inquire about their alternate method of creating a harmonizing field. Current thinking is that it may be wise to use both, for now.

We’ll share more as we dig in deeper on this important subject.  We’re very interested in the technology that is said to balance the radiation field, rendering it harmless.  The Pong case redirects the radiation, towards the backside of the phone.  One can actually feel the heat building on the backside of the phone when in use.  So, it’s advised to use ear buds, or some other device to keep the phone away from our bodies.

Our long term goal in this research is to discover the issues faced in the home and how to reduce or eliminate the potential hazard in our residential design work.